Ultimate NASCAR Driving Experience - Drive 28 Laps

Category: The Experiential Collection
Sub-Category: Outdoor Adventure
Type: 28 laps
The Ultimate NASCAR Driving Experience

Professional Instruction, Helmet & Driving Suit Rental, Hands-On Driving a NASCAR Stockcar 28 Laps Around the Track

The Ultimate NASCAR Driving Experience allows you to participate in multiple segments of stockcar driving, including passing, drafting and multi-car maneuvers. This aggressive program features top-notch instruction, adrenaline pumping action and actual race-like conditions. Programs start at twenty eight laps, may be booked at over 11 different speedways across the United States, and are based on availability and track conditions at the time of booking.

The Ultimate NASCAR Driving Experience includes:

Professional track and stockcar safety instruction for one driver
Helmet and driving suit rental
Learn advanced stockcar driving techniques
Experience multiple segments of stockcar driving action
NOTE: Price does not include any Driver Release Fee that may be required